WeirdX - Screenshots

Click on a mini screenshot for a full screen view.

This screenshot was captured on WeirdX 1.0.11(+ a few minutes hack) with J2SE 1.3.0, Windows98SE(24bit colors). Note that every window is translucent.

more hack for the alpha transparency

This screenshot is captured on WeirdX 1.0.9 with JDK1.2.1 + Windows98. From this release, WeirdX supports 16bpp mode. On this shot, the MultiWindow mode functionality and the scalable font support have been also demonstrated.

16bpp and MultiWindow mode

This screenshot is brought to us by Tarun Reddy. Thanks!!
He wrote us,

After jarring the class files on a Linux box and moving them over to my mac I was able to run WeirdX!!!
Here is a screenshot to prove it...
All of the fonts displayed are anti-aliased! Nice job!

WeirdX 1.0.3 on Mac

This screenshot is captured on WeirdX 1.0.0 with JDK1.3beta(Plug-in) + IE + Windows98.
This shot demonstrates the MultiWindow mode functionality. As you can see, the StaticGray & depth 8 visual is used.

MultiWindow mode

d Gregor F. Cookie sent us a screenshot. Thanks!
He said,

I tried and run weirdx inside weirdx.

WeirdX in WeirdX