JCTerm Plug-in for Eclipse

JCTerm Plug-in for Eclipse will add views for SSH2 terminal emulator to Eclipse.
This Eclipse plug-in will use JCTerm.


The current version has the following features.

  • JCTerm 0.0.9 has been used.
  • This plug-in will work on Eclipse 3.3RC3(or greater).
  • This plug-in is licensed under the terms and conditions of EPL 1.0.


You need Eclipse SDK 3.3RC3(or greater) to enjoy this plug-in.

  1. Help > Software Updates > Find and Install...
  2. Choose Search for new features to install
  3. Click New Remote Site..., and then put http://eclipse.jcraft.com/ for the URL field.
  4. Choose JCTerm Plug-in, and then click Select Required button.


  • Window > Show View > Other... > SSH2 > JCTerm
  • For configurations related to SSH2 connections, visit at
    Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections > SSH2

Source Code

The source code of JCTerm Plug-in for Eclipse 0.0.1 has been included in its plug-in jar file

Credits and Acknowledgments

This software has been developed by ymnk, JCraft, Inc.

Comments/suggestions are accepted at eclipse-jcterm@jcraft.com.

``SSH is a registered trademark and Secure Shell is a trademark of SSH Communications Security Corp (http://www.ssh.com)''.