JCraft's X Server Part of Boeing 787 Avionics Systems

JCraft's X Server Part of Boeing 787 Avionics Systems

SENDAI, JAPAN, June 18, 2009 -- JCraft, Inc., independent software development company specializing in Java applications, announced today that its pure Java X Window System server (WiredX) will be part of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner avionics suite.

JCraft's WiredX will be in Honeywell's Crew Information System/Maintenance System (CIS/MS) for the all-new Boeing 787.

The CIS/MS provides the aircraft operator with the general health of major aircraft systems. Honeywell provides the CIS/MS on the Boeing 777, and this award enables a similar solution for Boeing 787. CIS/MS's GUI is based on X Window System, so WiredX has been adopted for displaying those GUIs on Boeing 787.

On today's Boeing 777, the platform specific X servers on high cost aerospace equipment.has been used. By using WiredX on Boeing 787, airlines will be allowed to avoid buying expensive equipment to access the system, but rather use laptop computers that does not require any special software.

"We are excited about working with Honeywell," said Atsuhiko Yamanaka, president and CEO of JCraft. "We couldn't be more proud that we can contribute for the usability of the CIS/MS and become a part of this next generation of passenger jet aircraft, Boeing 787."

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a family of mid-sized airplanes that will provide exceptional fuel efficiencies for airlines and superior comfort for passengers. The airplane is expected to enter into service in 2010.

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JCraft,Inc. is a privately owned independent software development company specializing in Java applications. JCraft has designed and developed WiredX from scratch. Founded in 1998, JCraft is headquartered in Sendai, Japan. Additional information about JCraft can be found at http://www.jcraft.com/ .

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