Company Overview

Incorporated in March 1998, JCraft was founded as an application development company specializing in JavaTM applications and Internet/Intranet services.

JCraft is dedicated to improving business efficiency by leveraging Internet technology to easily and effectively manage electronic information of all kinds. Especially, JCraft dedicates to the Java platform. Java allows our company to create high end business solutions for our clients without restricting them to proprietary operating systems. Java reduces time to market and improves on scalability and security. Our customers realize that network based applications are the future of computing, and programs written in Java are on the leading edge of this revolution.

Our experience includes both a theoretical background in research and development as well as extensive experience in the development of fielded applications which utilize these technologies. Our academic backgrounds are diverse, including computer science, logics, and mathematics.

If you have any questions about JCraft or are interested in our products, please write an e-mail to us. We are always happy to receive input about our products and services.

How to Reach Us

We are located in downtown Sendai, Japan.

Also, please refer to Contact JCraft.


Dr. Atsuhiko Yamanaka, President & CEO

Dr. Yamanaka is in charge of developing, marketing and supporting products based on Java technology to customers worldwide.

Before Dr. Yamanaka found JCraft at March 1998, he had joined NEC Corporation for two years and worked on researching and developing softwares.

Dr. Yamanaka holds both a master's degree and a doctorate in information science from the Tohoku University, Japan. He also received a bachelor's degree in information science at the Tohoku University. His subjects are related to Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, especially the Constructive Logic and the design of the functional programming languages.