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CVS-SSH2 Plug-in for Eclipse

CVS-SSH2 Plug-in for Eclipse is an Eclipse plug-in to allow CVS access on SSH2 session.


The current version has the following features.

  • This plug-in depends on JSch 0.1.17.
  • SSH2 protocol support.
  • This plug-in supports password, public-key and keyboard-interactive authentications.
  • This plug-in supports HTTP,SOCKS5 proxies to get SSH2 access beyond the firewall.
  • This plug-in has solved the problem 'Eclipse opens SSH connection for every tiny CVS operation'.
  • This plug-in is licensed under the terms and conditions of CPL 1.0.
  • This plug-in will work on Eclipse 2.1.* and Eclipse 3.0M*
  • This plug-in has been included in Eclipse 3.0 M6(or later).


The archive file provided on this page includes the CVS-SSH2 plug-in for Eclipse 2.1.* and Eclipse 3.0 M5(or previous). If you have Eclipse 3.0M6( or later), you don't have to install that archive, because your Eclipse has already included this plug-in by the default. The following instructions are for Eclipse 2.1.* and Eclipse 3.0 M5(or previous) users.

  1. Delete 'com.jcraft.eclipse.cvsssh2_*' and '*' if you have in the 'plugins' directory of your eclipse installation.
  2. Unpack the distribution file in the 'plugins' directory of your eclipse installation.
  3. Launch eclipse


  1. On Repositories View, New > Repository Location...
    This will bring up the Add CVS Repository Dialog.
  2. Choose 'extssh2' for the Connection type.
  • If '~/.ssh/id_dsa' exists, it will be used.
  • If '~/.ssh/id_rsa' exists, it will be used.
  • '~/.ssh/known_hosts' will be used.

Preference Page

The preference page(Window > Preferences > Team > CVS > SSH2 Connection Method) allows you to customize following settings,

  • ssh2 home directory,
  • proxy settings.
  • key pair generation.

Pserver over SSH2

This plug-in supports yet another connection type 'pserverssh2'(Pserver over SSH2), which allows you to enjoy pserver connection to the CVS repository over ssh2 port-forwarding without any external ssh2 programs. To enable this functionality,

  1. New > Repository Location...
  2. Choose 'pserverssh2' for the Connection type.
  3. Put informations about ssh_user and ssh_host for ssh2 port-forwarding and hostname of remote CVS repository(cvs_home) for the Host field in the following format,

Please refer to README for the example.
For Japanese, this page has described how to use this functionality in detail.


This archive file is for Eclipse 2.1.* and Eclipse 3.0 M5(or previous) users.

CVS Repository

The source code has been stored in the CVS repository on eclipse project and available at

Please refer to this page to retrieve it. And also , please note that latest code is for Eclipse 3.0 M6 or later.

Credits and Acknowledgements

This plug-in has been developed by ymnk.

Comments/suggestions are accepted at

``SSH is a registered trademark and Secure Shell is a trademark of SSH Communications Security Corp (''.