SFTP Plug-in for Eclipse

SFTP Plug-in for Eclipse will add the SFTP support to Eclipse.
In the current implementation, SFTP client and SFTP Team provider has been provided.
SFTP Team provider allows you to synchronize files and directories between the workspace and a remote location as WebDAV and FTP support for Eclipse does, but by using ssh2 sftp protocol.


The current version has the following features.

  • SFTP client (plug-in: com.jcraft.eclipse.sftp).
  • SFTP cliet is using Eclipse's internal SSH client,JSch.
  • SFTP Team provider (plug-in: com.jcraft.eclipse.team.sftp,com.jcraft.eclipse.target.sftp).
    • importing a remote directory into the workspace as a project by sftp.
    • exporting a folder to a remote directory by sftp.
    • synchronizing with the remote directory by sftp.
  • password, public-key and keyboard-interactive authentications.
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies.
  • key pair generation.
  • host-key management.
  • The code is based on WebDAV and FTP support for Eclipse.
  • Plug-ins will work on Eclipse Platform 3.3 and later.
  • Plug-ins are licensed under the terms and conditions of EPL 1.0.


You need Eclipse SDK 3.3(or higher) to enjoy this software.

  1. Help > Software Updates > Find and Install...
  2. Choose Search for new features to install
  3. Click New Remote Site..., and then put http://eclipse.jcraft.com/ for the URL field.
  4. Choose SFTP Plug-in, and then click Select Required button.

For Eclipse SDK 3.2, try the Update Site http://eclipse.jcraft.com/3.2/


  • The location 'sftp://' will allow you to get accesses to 'tmp' directory under user's home directory. On the other hand, 'sftp://' will point to '/tmp' directory on the remote.


  • eclipse-sftp_0.0.4.zip (124,091 bytes)
    md5sum:   cefc844a92a7d83c1fa4bfc6c0650862   eclipse-sftp_0.0.4.zip

Credits and Acknowledgments

This software has been developed by ymnk. The code has been based on "WebDAV and FTP support for Eclipse" initially written by IBM.

Comments/suggestions are accepted at eclipse-sftp@jcraft.com.

``SSH is a registered trademark and Secure Shell is a trademark of SSH Communications Security Corp (http://www.ssh.com)''.