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   JEsd -- Pure Java EsounD
JEsd is a re-implementation of EsounD in pure Java.


  • JEsd includes an audio server, which corresponds to 'esd' and classes for communicating with 'esd', which corresponds to 'libesd'.
    This client side code will enable us to hack audio apps in pure Java.
  • The audio server depends on Java Sound API.
  • Of course, this audio server supports playing audio streams.
    So we can accept outputs from x11amp, xmms, etc,. in pure Java apps via network streams.
  • Of course, this audio server supports caching, playing, looping samples.
  • The audio server accepts Ogg Vorbis bit-streams via EsounD protocol and works as the Ogg Vorbis player.
  • Tons of functionalities of EsounD are left to be implemented.
  • JEsd is distributed under GNU LGPL.

Confirmed Platforms
The audio server is implemented with Java Sound API.
So this daemon will be available on any platform, which support that API. (At present, Java Sound API is available on J2SE v 1.3 RC1) Here, confirmed platforms are listed. If you succeed to run JEsd on other platform, please write us.

If you don't need the audio server, JDK 1.0* or later will be enough.

Client Side Code
We have just confirmed that JEsd's client side code is compatible with JEsd's audio server and we have not tried a combination of JEsd's client side code and 'esd'. Because we have never succeed to use our sound-card via Linux kernel and we have never succeed to use 'esd'. If you succeed/fail to communicate with 'esd', please write us

JEsd supports Ogg Vorbis bitstreams.
Since 0.0.6, JEsd's audio server has supported the Ogg Vorbis. In this support, you can enjoy Ogg Vorbis bit-streams on EsounD system. For example, you can decode and sound Ogg Vorbis files by following commands,

   cat foo.ogg | esdcat
   esdloop bar.ogg
   esdsample -d bar.ogg

Why Ogg Vorbis has been added?
We have sympathized the aim of Ogg project and we have thought how to boost up the popularity of Ogg Vorbis. A few days ago, we have stumbled on some idea, proposing Ogg Vorbis as the standard sound format for Gnome. As you know, Gnome uses WAV files. You may think using such compressed sound files will waste CPU resources, but Gnome uses PNG instead of raw RGB bitmap files. If Ogg Vorbis becomes the standard sound format, Ogg files will be stored at '/usr/share/sounds/' and be distributed through OS distributors with encoding/editing/decoding tools. We think the ubiquity of Ogg files will rouse public attention.
To support Ogg Vorbis sound files on Gnome, the Vorbis support must be added to EsounD system. Our hack on JEsd is just the rehearsal for this effort and we guess it is not so difficult. If you are from Gnome project and our proposal is worth considering, feel free to forward this proposal to appropriate persons.

JEsd 0.0.7 is provided in tar+gz and zip formats.

Now, JEsd 0.0.7 has bee provided to the world on demand from WiredX.net with WiredX(pure Java X server).
In this shot, we are enjoying outputs from x11amp, xmms, gqmpeg(precisely mpg123), enlightenment, etc., with the JEsd from WiredX.net on Windows98SE desktop. WiredX & JEsd on Windows98

All credit go to authors and contributers of EsounD and EsounD compatible applications.

Comments/suggestions are accepted at jesd@jcraft.com.

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