CIENA Adopts JCraft's Pure Java X Server, WiredX

CIENA Adopts JCraft's Pure Java X Server, WiredX.

SENDAI, JAPAN, October 9, 2001 -- JCraft,Inc., independent software development company specializing in Java applications, announced today that CIENA Corporation(Nasdaq: CIEN), a global provider of intelligent optical networking systems and software, has licensed JCraft's pure Java X Window System server, WiredX, to integrate the product into CIENA's LightWorks(TM) ON-Center(TM) Management Suite.

WiredX is the X Window System server in pure Java and has been developed by JCraft. WiredX enables J2SE(Java2 Standard Edition) enabled PCs to access GUI applications on Unix machines. The most significant feature of WiredX is that any add-on application is not needed to be installed on Unix machines for using WiredX.

On the other hand, CIENA's LightWorks ON-Center Management Suite is a fully integrated family of software-based tools for comprehensive element, network and service layer management across service provider networks. ON-Center is based on client/server architecture and ON-Center's clients are implemented in pure Java, but some components like Transport Managers have been provided as X Window System GUI applications.

"By integrating WiredX into ON-Center's Java based client system, we have removed the need for our Transport based customers to purchase X server display software for ON-Center NT client hosts. Therefore, we have provided them a seamless X display for their NT clients using Java," said Rob Adams, CIENA's vice president for Network Management. "WiredX will expedite ON-Center usability on NT client hosts since no customer configuration is necessary to display Transport based X GUIs and allow our customers to easily add additional low cost NT based ON-Center clients."

"We are excited to work with CIENA, the leader in next-generation optical networking solutions," said Dr. Atsuhiko Yamanaka, president and chief executive officer of JCraft. "We are proud that we can enhance the usability of CIENA's ON-Center and our X server will be used by CIENA's world wide customers." CIENA's customers include long-distance carriers, Regional Bell Operating Companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, Internet service providers and wholesale carriers.

CIENA Corporation's market-leading optical networking systems form the core for the new era of networks and services worldwide. CIENA's LightWorks(TM) architecture enables next-generation optical services and changes the fundamental economics of service-provider networks by simplifying the network and reducing the cost to operate it. Additional information about CIENA can be found at .

About JCraft
JCraft,Inc. is a privately owned independent software development company specializing in Java applications. JCraft has designed and developed WiredX from scratch and runs the web site, where WiredX has been provided on demand to the world wide users. Founded in 1998, JCraft is headquartered in Sendai, Japan. Additional information about JCraft can be found at

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