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   JXPie -- Release Notes
Release Notes
Last modified: 03-Feb-1999

This document describes JXPie pre-Beta.
If you have any comments, suggestions and questions,
please contact us(jxpie@jcraft.com). 

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY.  This Software is provided on
An "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind, including without
limitation the warranties that the Software is free of defects, 
merchantable, fit for a particular purpose or non-infringing.
The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Software
is borne by you. Should the Software prove defective in any
respect, you and not Licensor or its suppliers assume the entire
cost of any service and repair. In addition, the security
mechanisms implemented by the Software have inherent limitations,
and you must determine that the Software sufficiently meets your

1. What is JXPie?
   JXPie is an X server, written in pure Java.
   JXPie enables UNIX/X application access from all Java-enabled
   desktops, or Java-enabled browsers. 
   JXPie stands for "X Protocol Interpreter, Everywhere".

2. Features of JXPie
  * JXPie is written in pure Java.
  * JXPie depends on PersonalJavaTM.
  * JXPie accepts X window protocols(X11R6.3), directory.
  * JXPie does not need a proxy program.
    Some Javanized X servers has exists already.
    They, however, need a proxy program, which translates X protocols to
    proprietary protocols.
  * XDMCP has been supported partially.
  * JXPie supports black&white, monotone and 8-depth color.
  * JXPie supports only the core protocol.
    Any extensional protocol, for example LBX, Shape, are not supported.
  * JXPie expires.

3. How to install and run.
  Please refer to README.html file.

4. Known bugs, Implementation restrictions.
  * Extension
    This version accepts Core X Window protocol completely.
    But any extension has not been supported in this version.

  * Access control
    This version provides ACL restrictions based on "xhost" command.
    Initial ACL can be configured in a file "config/props".
  * Font, Mouse cursor
    X Window System uses glyph images of fonts and mouse cursors.
    JXPie-Lite, however, doesn't handle these images directly. 
    Instead of using them, glyph images managed by JVM are used. 
    For example, drawing a text string with the font, *-14-*,
    Java virtual font, "Monospaced-14", is used.
    This version has support to change a mouse cursor glyph, partially. 
    The mouse cursor glyphs managed by JVM will be also used.

  * Mouse
    This version provides pseudo three button emulation.
    This emulation is useful for Windows environment,
    on which mouse button number is just two. This emulation is not
    complete. For example, to occur "mouse button 1 pressed" event,
    we have to "press mouse button 1 & move the mouse" or 
    "press mouse button 1 & release mouse button 1".
  * Graphic Context
    The Graphics Context has many operations, for example, GXinvert, GXnand, 
    etc, and attributes, for example, line_width, fill_style and so on.
    This version just only supports GXor, GXcopy operation, and clip_mask.

  * Keyboard
    Current release support only the 101 keyboard mapping.

Last modified: 3-Feb-1999
Copyright 1998-2000 JCraft Inc. All rights reserved.
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