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   JRum -- Remote Control of Un*x Mozilla in pure Java
JRum enables the remote control of "Un*x" Mozilla in pure Java.
JRum speaks the remote control protocol, which is documented at
http://home.netscape.com/newsref/std/x-remote.html .
This remote control protocol is based on X property changes.

JWax assists JRum to communicate Mozilla with X Window System protocol. JWax (Waltz with X Window System) is an API set, which enables the communications between X applications and Java programs with publicly defined style, for example, ICCCM. JRum is originally implemented for a sample use of JWax. So, JRum is toy status but we think it will be useful for you.

JRum enables Java programs

  • to open URL in Un*x Mozilla,
  • to open URL, which is contained X resource CUT_BUFFER, in Un*x Mozilla,
  • to scroll up and down Un*x Mozilla,
  • to print files via Un*x Mozilla, etc.


  • JRum can't access to xauth based X Window System server.
    This restriction comes from JWax. In the future, JWax will be improved in this point.
  • The locking steps in remote control protocol are skipped.
    In this step, XGrabServer and XUngrabServer will be used. JWax has implemented this facilities, but not debugged well yet. So we hesitate to use it. (Check at {getLock()/releaselock()} methods of com/jcraft/jrum/JRum.java.)

JRum is available here(jrum.zip, 59797 bytes). In this distribution, we have prepared a sample Java program, which uses JRum and controls Un*z Mozilla. Just try,

% netscape & 
% ./runnit
Outputs of javadoc are also included.

JRum is freely available for non-commercial use. We hope that JRum spices up your Un*x life. If you have questions, comments, requests, etc., about the JRum, please write us at jrum@jcraft.com. We are always happy to receive your inputs.

Last modified: 2-Oct-1998
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