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   JXPie pre-Beta -- README
Last modified: 03-Feb-1999

JXPie is an X Window System server and
runs on PersonalJavaTM.
PersonalJava is a Java Application Environment for 
network-connectable applications on personal consumer devices 
for home, office, and mobile use.

Current release runs on PersonalJava Emulation Environment 1.1 .
And also, JXPie runs on JDK 1.1.*.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY.  This Software is provided on
An "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind, including without
limitation the warranties that the Software is free of defects, 
merchantable, fit for a particular purpose or non-infringing.
The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Software
is borne by you. Should the Software prove defective in any
respect, you and not Licensor or its suppliers assume the entire
cost of any service and repair. In addition, the security
mechanisms implemented by the Software have inherent limitations,
and you must determine that the Software sufficiently meets your

* Required environment.
  JXPie will run on PersonalJava Emulation Environment 1.1 and JDK 1.1.*.

* Known problem
  Current release is in pre-beta status. 
  There are many problems; for example, in redering the display image,
  the screen flickers.

* Installation
  * Unzip the file "jxpie.zip".
    For example,

       % unzip jxpie.zip

    You will find a directory "jxpie", which has jxpie.jar, 
    license.jar, etc.

  * Environment Variables
    We have prepared a script "jxpie.bat" to 
    launch the JXPie easily. This script expects some 
    environment variables.

    JXPIE_HOME : it controls whether a JXPie distribution is 
                 installed. If it is not defined, JXPIE_HOME is 
                 defined as current directory.

  * How to run JXPie.
    Just typing:
   % jxpie
    One window will be opened. That is a X server, JXPie.

  * How to run x clients on the JXPie.
    With a normal X system, the main display of a workstation 
    (for example, its hostname is "foobar") is usually 
    foobar:0.0 . JXPie, however, uses a display foobar:2.0 .
    You can cause applications to use that display by setting 
    the DISPLAY environment variable, or by starting the application 
    with the -display option. 
    For example: suppose that JXPie is running on the host "foobar",

   % twm -display foobar:2.0 &
   % xterm -display foobar:2.0 &

  * Configuration.
    Some properties exist for the configuration. To enable these
    property switches, edit a file "props", which is located at 
    a directory "jxpie/config/".

    ** jxpie.display.displaynum=integer
       The display number can be changed by this property.
       If you want to use display "foobar:1.0",
       specify jxpie.display.displaynum=1 .
       The default value is 2.

    ** jxpie.display.threebutton=yes or no
       JXPie provides pseudo three button emulation.
       This emulation is useful for Windows environment,
       on which mouse button number is just two.
       The default value is yes.

    ** jxpie.display.acl=string
       JXPie provides the xhost based Access Control List(ACL).
       Suppose that "+foo, -bar" is specified,
       JXPie changes its own ACL, as evaluating "xhost +foo; xhost -bar".
       The default value is "+".

    ** jxpie.xdmcp.mode="query" or "broadcast"
    ** jxpie.xdmcp.address="ip address"
       JXPie supports XDMCP. If you give "query" to jxpie.xdmcp.mode
       property, specify an IP-address of xdm to jxpie.xdmcp.address 
       property. On the other hand, if you give "broadcast",
       specify an broadcast address to jxpie.xdmcp.address.
       The default value is "".

    ** jxpie.myaddress="ip address"
       On certain environment, JXPie may miss to get a local host-name;
       InetAddress.getLocalHost() returns a loopback address "".
       In this case, please specify an ip address directly.
       If you don't need XDMCP service, you don't have to specify 
       this property.

* Contact information. 
    If you have questions, comments, etc., please write us at 
    We are always happy to receive your inputs.

Last modified: 03-Feb-1999
Copyright 1998-2000 JCraft Inc. All rights reserved.
Send comments and questions to info@jcraft.com.
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